SOUNDS GOOD will perform diagnostics, maintenance, standard repair or overhaul of your trombone, bass troombone with due professional responsibility, using traditional methods, modern technologies and high-quality component parts in combination with the experience of our repairers to ensure the best result.

The table below includes the list of basic trombone, bass troombone repair services provided individually or in a package.

Please note that the list of services and prices is meant for reference and may be adjusted individually, depending on the class of your instrument, its condition and repair complexity.

ServiceMaintenanceStandard repairOverhaul
Full disassembly of the instrument   
Removing the jammed mouthpiece, setting crowns   
Cleaning and lubrication of units and mechanisms   
Full dry cleaning of the instrument   
Hand polishing of the instrument   
Replacement of felt and rubber gaskets   
Replacement of worn cracks of vasser valves   
Setting quarts / quintets   
Replacement quarts / quintets   
Replacement mechanics quarts / quintets   
Replacing the springs of vasser valves   
Repair of the stage   
Elimination of dents   
Elimination of backlash in crowns   
Soldering of the instrument   
Restore general compression in the instrument   
Replacement of mundroras or worn parts of tools   
Diagnosis and expert evaluation of the condition and sound of the instrument