• Our repair technicians are professional musicians with secondary and higher music education and expertise in woodwind instruments.
  • SG repair technicians constantly upgrade their qualifications at the international professional level.
  • Each SG repair technician specializes in a certain woodwind instrument: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone.

  • SG repair technicians use modern repair and maintenance methods.

  • SG employs specialists skilled in mechanical repair, ultrasonic cleaning, engraving and galvanic treatment.

  • SG professionals perform expert evaluation of sound, tuning, and adjustment of key mechanisms.

  • Our team is ready to help in selecting an instrument to buy or rent.

Our team
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Anton Demianchuk
Technical Director of the SOUNDS GOOD Service Centre
Anton began music studies at the age of 6. In 2004, he graduated from the Music Lyceum n.a. Vilkonsky and entered the Music College n.a. Revutsky (graduated with honours in 2008). The same year, he enrolled into the National Musical Academy of Ukraine n.a. P. I. Chaikovsky. During his time at the Academy, he started to study woodwind repair. In 2013, he graduated from the NMAU with honours and entered the Academy assistantship (graduated in 2016). Since 2010, Anton Demianchuk has been successfully engaged in professional woodwind repair. .
Alex Mamich
Alex MamichYour Content Goes Here
Master of repair of flute, clarinet, bassoon
Yuriy Matzkov
Yuriy MatzkovYour Content Goes Here
The repairman saxophone
Sergei Zhuk
Sergei ZhukYour Content Goes Here
The repairman saxophone
Stanyslav Stetsenko
Stanyslav StetsenkoYour Content Goes Here
Brass repair